About EJ Carroll

About EJ Carroll
About EJ Carroll
  • Pose Publishing
  • Est. 2014
  • Owner & Sole Trader
  • ABN: 67 723 798 095

Ebony-Jane Carroll was born and lives in Melbourne Australia. Known best for her whimsical children’s books written in rhyme, she has created a dedicated young fan base who love to read about her unusual characters and their heart-warming journeys.

Her past success includes winning the 2007 MAFMAD (Make A Film. Make a Difference) competition with two scripts making the top eight shortlist. She produced the short film entitled Pose with a handpicked cast and crew and saw it released in cinemas across Victoria.

A former kindergarten teacher and university early childhood consultant, Ebony-Jane has both undergrad and postgrad qualifications in education and is passionate about inspiring young children to fall in love with literature.

You can watch EJ at Discernable Interviews and The People’s Project. Stay tuned for her podcast planned to be launched in the very near future.

Ebony-Jane is currently working on a children’s animation screenplay and her biggest dream is to one day see it on the silver screen.

About EJ Carroll

A little extra info about EJ . . .

She is a Christian conservative . . . health enthusiast . . . podcast devourer . . . adores her dogs Forrest & Romeo . . . likes her eggs scrambled . . . practices Jiu-Jitsu . . . is a green thumb who loves trees  . . .  bakes the world’s best vanilla, raspberry & coconut cupcakes . . . is most commonly described as funny with a dry sense of humour.